If you are a body positive warrior, there are plenty of ways to show it, like with Tess Holliday’s new #effyourbeautystandards tee. You can even show your love for the movement when it comes to decorating your home. Rachele Cateyes is an artist and body positive activist who lives in Portland, Oregon. She started a pro-inclusivity line of pillows, mugs, bags and more that she cheekily dubbed “Glorifying Obesity” that promotes self-acceptance. When we asked her about the inspiration behind her art, she told us, “All fat people deserve to be treated fairly whether or not we meet arbitrary health or beauty standards. The body positive movement should be inclusive and doesn’t require fat people to justify their behaviors.”

There are some out there who might recoil at the use of certain words like “fat” or “obese” when describing the body positive movement, but that’s all part of Rachele’s bigger picture. Like any disenfranchised group reclaiming slurs or derogatory terms, that is Rachele’s objective — to reappropriate these terms and use them in a positive way. “Glorifying Obesity is about reclaiming fatphobic words and challenging the good fatty trope,” Rachele tells us. “Surrounding ourselves with positive and empowering fat art, like a throw pillow that says Death Fatty, makes it easier to navigate this world as a fat person.”

Oh, and Rachele also happens to create some badass body-positive art. She has very handily put her work on some adorable throw pillows ($29) you can purchase online at Redbubble, which, frankly, every home deserves. House-warming gift, anyone?

Check out some of the awesome designs below.

We asked her what she hopes people would take away from her art, and her message was simple. “Take up space. Eat whatever you want. Be vain. Flaunt your rolls. F–k the haters,” says Rachele. Yaas, girl.

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