We know our way around a good can of spray paint here at Brit HQ, and while we’re at it we’ve dabbled in spray adhesive, spray shellac, and, obviously, our fair share of hair spray.

On that same token, we’ve also dabbled in the world of waterproofing via our beeswax-covered Toms and our stockpile of AquaNotes. But what about when these two worlds come together? NeverWet. A silicon-based spray made to repel liquids and keep your belongings un-damaged by rain and water. Now, what does that have to do with street art? Read on to find out.

Two extremely creative and innovative Home Depot community users decided to take NeverWet to the streets! By spray painting images and words onto the sidewalk, they’ve created street art that only shows up when it rains – or when you’ve got a particularly leaky AC unit hanging above the sidewalk ;) How cool is that?

Best of all, your art won’t be washed away by street cleaners or painted over – it will last way longer and has an ephemeral quality we just love.

Nathan Sharratt definitely got us with the Garbage reference. When is that last time you listened to Shirley Manson anyway?

And Annie? The sun coming out?! The puns are pretty darn endless.

Other options might include: Blame it on the Rain, Singin’ in the Rain, and November Rain- gotta get the Guns N’ Roses in there!

Originally spotted on Design Taxi, this latest installment of Made Us Look has our creative juices going crazy with ideas. If you’re not quite ready to take it to the streets as it were, why not decorate your front stoop, back patio, or balcony with a custom design of your own?

Head to Home Depot’s community section to check out the full tutorial.

What creative ways might you try using NeverWet? What lyrics, images, or words would you like to see when it rains? Talk to us in the comments below.