Rainbow foods are all the rage these days. It was love at first sight when we were introduced to Instagram-worthy rainbow bagels from Brooklyn’s The Bagel Store, not to mention pastel donuts and colorful cake. Now a blogger at Oh, Bite It has shared an easy rainbow pizza recipe that’s sure to get you in the mood for cooking (and showing off the finished product on social media).

To make rainbow pizza, you’ll need all the basic pizza ingredients, including cheese, dough, sauce and toppings, plus food coloring. After the pizza bakes, put a little dab of food coloring on the cheese, adding hues as you like. When you’re done, swirl the colors together with a fork, but be careful not to mix them too much or it will end up looking like your watercolor paintings from childhood. Then put the pizza back in the oven for another five minutes to set the color.

P.S.: If you like the idea of rainbow pizza but don’t want to add artificial food coloring to your meal, you can also explore ways to make natural dyes.

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(h/t Oh, Bite It / Featured photo via Getty)