Alright, listen up, fellow Raspberry Pi lovers. A brand new model of this credit-card sized computer has been revealed. It’s smaller, thinner and more affordable. Yup, you read that right. The already-affordable $25 Raspberry Pi just got cheaper. You know what that means, right? Tech DIY projects for ALL.

The new Raspberry Pi A+ has increased their number of GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) to 40 pins. These little pins are what connect the computer to the real world. Depending on your input and outputs, you can program these pins to do whatever you want them to do. If you wanted to make a remote controlled car, then you would program some pins to work the tires and others to make a honking sound when you press the horn.

This latest form of the Ras Pi is significantly smaller in size, which allows the possibility of creating more handheld or portable devices. Because it is smaller, it does have less megabytes of RAM (256MB), but it is still very capable of carrying out your programming desires with its Pi Power.

Another improvement is in the audio quality. The Raspberry Pi A+ has a specific power supply dedicated to decreasing any noise. So if you have any interest in making a Magpi Radio using Ras Pi, the sound quality will be better than before.

Oh, and that price we’ve been raving about? It’s $20 now. Pretty impressive, ammirite?

What can the Raspberry Pi A+ do for you and your latest tech DIY project? Tells us! We want to know :)