We’ve discussed how much we’ve wanted a hoverboard, how much we’ve needed a hoverboard and how much we’ve waited impatiently for a hoverboard since the ’80s. Well, our cries have been answered: HENDO claims to have created the first real hoverboard. We repeat: real hoverboard. The company is currently a few weeks away from completing a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter, and we just had to know more. You in or what?

Hate to burst your bubble, but it only hovers about an inch off the ground on special surfaces. There’s always a catch, guys! *shakes fist in air* On a positive note, it really does hover. It’s not like the fake hovering that some of the other boards have claimed. By contributing to the Kickstarter, you’ll be helping HENDO polish up their designs, produce them and create places where they are safe to ride. Though eventually they hope that their hoverboards will be able to float over any surface, even water.

The ride is described as “bouncing on air,” completely frictionless… just like Marty’s original hoverboard, except that it doesn’t have the same mobility to go anywhere (even through time). At least not yet. In order to foster a creative community, they have decided to offer what they’re calling the Whitebox Developer Kit. It will include all the same technology that is included with the hoverboard, but in a kit specially designed for developers and engineers.

They know (as we do) that the best ideas come from the community, and there are likely applications they can’t even imagine, so they are challenging people to discover new ways to use this technology. The Whitebox (controlled by your phone) is an advanced product, so it’s not necessarily for the average tinkerer. You should know what you’re doing, but be prepared to experiment like the dickens.

If you’re interested in contributing to the crowdfunding campaign, there are some fun bonuses that come with it. A $59 donation will get your name etched into the future Hoverpark. $100 will get you one ride on a real hoverboard and $10,000 will get you actual hoverboard — small price to pay.

Would you like to make this hover technology happen? Let us know in the comments!