We talked a little bit about social media manners this week when we shared WSJ’s scary, eye-opening infographic on how to spot a liar over text and email. All of us have been guilty of the “be there in 5” little white text lie, we’ve all overshared on our social network of choice — even the most sophisticated have a bathroom mirror selfie or two tucked away in our Instagram. Minor slips aside, all of us with access to the Internet know, some people out there just don’t have any manners. At all. Especially the people these celebs are calling out on Jimmy Kimmel.

YES, one of our favorite late night skits is back: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets! In its triumphant, hilarious, 140 character return, superstar targets take on the pleebs who really, reeeally have enough time on their hands to hate them by reading negative Tweets about themselves. In this round, grumbly social media gremlins take out their frustration on some of our favorite folks. From surmising what sweet Emma Stone smells like to going OFF on our girl Mindy Kaling, see what not to say about people online. Or ever.

Oh, and this video is, naturally, peppered with a bleeped f*bomb or ten, but we’re not going to scold June Squibb for cursing — are you?

What late night TV do you watch? Share your favorite skits and LOLs with us below!