Stress is the enemy, but it鈥檚 also a fixture of your daily life as a parent. With your infinitely expanding to-do list and only 24 hours in a day, it鈥檚 easy to understand why you feel overwhelmed. (We all do!) Instead of letting parenting pressures snowball until they crush you under an avalanche of anxiety, check out how you can melt the stress away and actually enjoy your busy, hectic, and totally rad parenting life. So take a breath, close your eyes, and relax: You鈥檝e got this.

A family makes dinner together

1. Turn your kids into pint-sized sous chefs. Dinner is topping the mountain of things that you have to do today. But what if instead of a chore it was a chance to get in some family bonding time? The kiddos can measure and mix as you and your S.O. do the heavy lifting (in other words, the un-kid-friendly cooking parts). Instead of looking at meal prep as yet one more tedious task, turn it into family fun that you all look forward to.

2. Ditch the chore board. A chore board is a good idea 鈥 in theory. It organizes your life and helps you divvy up the household tasks among everyone in the family. But it鈥檚 also a nagging reminder of unmade beds, unwashed floors, and unfolded laundry. Do something totally daring: Drop the chore board from your life, trading it for a game of 鈥渨ho can fold the laundry the fastest鈥 with your preschooler or a dance party dusting session.

3. Split school dropoff duties. Daycare drop-off is 100 percent your job. Why? Um鈥 you don鈥檛 really know. It just kind of became a mom thing. Which is to say, a 鈥渕om has to do it as she runs to work, trying not to be late and get a 25-minute lecture from her boss on what is and isn鈥檛 鈥榗ompany time'鈥 thing. Have your other half take on drop-off (or even drop-off and pickup) duty a few times a week. Better yet, split the job 50/50. If this absolutely, positively isn鈥檛 a possibility, try asking a grandparent to help you out.

A mother plays with her toddler

4. Take a 鈥渕ess day.鈥 Maybe you鈥檝e heard of 鈥測es day,鈥 when you give only yeses to your kiddo鈥檚 requests. Take this concept in another direction, and try a 鈥渕ess day.鈥 Forget about following your tot around like their on-call maid. Give up one day of constantly containing all of the clutter, and let it flow. Just try not to step on any of your preschooler鈥檚 five billion LEGOs (nobody鈥檚 feet enjoy that plastic brick crunch).

5. Let loose. Keeping your stress bottled up inside is a task that is鈥 well, undoable. Even more than that, it isn鈥檛 healthy. The delicate work-life balance that you鈥檙e reaching for isn鈥檛 easy on anyone. Give yourself a chance to let it all go. Put on your favorite playlist, let go, and dance, dance, dance. (Bonus points if you invite your family to do the same.)

6. Work together. Your inbox is busting out, and you need to answer emails before going into work tomorrow. Set up a family workspace where everyone does their 鈥渏ob.鈥 You can catch up on after-hours work while your kiddo crafts, draws with crayons, or pretends to do what mommy is doing.

7. Schedule songtime. Rushing from preschool to ballet class to soccer to the grocery store to the鈥 whoa, you just spent an hour in the car with your kiddo, and all you鈥檝e done is stress over the route to your next destination and why you鈥檙e so late. This is precious time that you can use to your advantage. Forget about the schedule for a little bit (10 new minutes won鈥檛 grow on a magical time tree and make you early for your tot鈥檚 playdate), ditch the 鈥済o, go, go鈥 mentality, and sing a song. Turn up the (kid-friendly) tunes, and just enjoy jamming with your little one.

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