Oh, the joys of renting. You know you’re only living there temporarily so breaking the bank on a paint makeover may not seem worth the effort (or may totally fall under the NOs in your lease). So while you plan your future paint jobs and wallpaper accents in your dream home, we have come up with some sneaky and creative ways to decorate your walls and still get your deposit back! Here are 20 DIY art projects to inspire you to make something for your walls that is just perfect for your temporary home.

1. DIY Hexagon Art: Hang this metallic wall art where the light hits it to create beautiful reflections around the room. (via Tara Dennis)

2. Washi Wallpaper: This “wallpaper” will peel right off, leaving your rented walls clean and spot free! (via Brit + Co)

3. Color Bubbles: Get textural with this 3D piece of art that you can DIY. (via Curbly)

4. DIY Compass Banner: Go boho with this graphic banner. (via Everything Emily)

5. Cross Stitch Number: Use a peg board and yarn to make a giant number or letter. (via Hank And Hunt)

6. Painted Spoon Art: We love anything dipped in paint and this is a simple, unique way to take up a good amount of space! (via A Joyful Riot)

7. Geometric Lines: Buy the biggest canvas you can find and cover it in bright colors and bold lines for a wow piece of wall art. (via The New Domestic)

8. Pop Pet Portrait: DIY your own Andy Warhol version of your pet! (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Geometric Panels: The bright, light colors of this artwork will really reflect and bring more light into any dark space. (via A Beautiful Mess)

10. Rope Hanging: Practice some weaving techniques to make or buy this fabulous fiber art. (via Brick House)

11. Hanging Scarves: Combine fashion and art by hanging a vivid scarf on your wall! (via Design Sponge)

12. Plywood Pinwheel: This fabulous statement piece adds color and a fun raw texture with the use of plywood. (via Vintage Revivals)

13. Paper Patchwork: Using colored paper and metallic origami paper, you can create a geometric patchwork artwork that looks beautiful and impressive. (via Tuts Plus)

14. Wooden Dowel Art: Make a cool piece of 3D art with just wooden sticks! (via Oh Oh Blog)

15. Typography Clipboards: Save a few nail holes and just mount clipboards for an endless parade of new art. (via Madigan Made)

16. Octopus Wall: Believe it or not, this is a shower curtain just stretched across a homemade frame. (via 6th Street Design)

17. Yarn Banner DIY: This is a much easier version of the yarn tapestry, but you can completely customize the shape, size and colors for a fun effect. (via Creative Bug)

18. Sponge Painting: We love a good piece of typography art and this sponge painting is super easy! (via I Spy DIY)

19. Wallpaper Panels: If you have your eye on a cool wallpaper design, frame huge panels so you don’t have to actually wallpaper the wall. (via Designing The Nest)

20. Totally Removable Honeycomb Decal: We are totally digging art that wraps around the corner of the room. (via Jade And Fern)

Are you feeling creative enough to attempt some DIY wall art? Let us know in the comments below!