It’s clear that at Brit + Co, we love good design — which we’ve found is pretty hard to find when it comes to messenger bags. And while we occasionally use purses as laptop bags or carry our electronics in backpacks, sometimes we just need a good ‘ol messenger bag that is roomy, comfortable to wear, and keeps our valuables safe. Cue… Rickshaw Bagworks! Rickshaw Bagworks is a company where you can custom design bags for all your precious electronics. We love color, and this is a great option for making those awesome bags perfectly designed to fit your personality. Plus, you can DIY it online!

First, you start off with a basic bag, sleeve, or case.

Then, you can choose colors for the exterior, interior, binding, and label! Don’t forget to add savvy accessories for your fancy new bag such as a waterproof liner or extra buckles to keep the flap shut.

The great part about Rickshaw bags is that they have MacBook Pro and MacBook Air sleeves in all different sizes and orientations, from an 11″ Macbook Air sleeve to a 13″ Macbook Pro Sleeve.

They have an extensive line of accessories so that all your products can coordinate. The folio is great for travel because it holds a ton and has lots of pockets for organization.

You can get different sized messenger bags for different tech products like the iPad or Macbook. Messenger bags are one of their most popular products, especially in urban cities. They also make backpacks for those who don’t like messenger bags.

Not only can you change the color of your bags, you can also change the fabrics. They have all kinds of textures like the “Performance Tweed” or the “Waterproof X-Pac.”

Another company that we love, Timbuk2, also lets you create custom designed bags. Though they offer less size customization for your personal electronics, they’ve got way more prints to choose from. We adore the polka dot print above!

Not a fan of Rickshaw or Timbuk2? Check out Alchemy Goods, Seagull Bags, or Trash Messenger Bags — they each give you the option to customize your bags, but with fewer options .

Do you care about customizing your laptop bag? Let us know in the comments below or speak to us on Facebook or Twitter!