Ayesha and Steph Curry are serious relationship goals — Steph got his boo’s initials tattooed on his ring finger because he wanted to honor his commitment to her even when he’s not wearing his wedding band during games. There are so many great ways to show your love with tattoos, whether it’s initials on your finger or thumbprints on your arm. But what about a tat that signifies the day itself? Many brides are getting tattoos that mark the best day of their lives and go beautifully with their wedding gown. Here are 10 women who took the plunge (at least temporarily) for their “I dos.”

1. Something Blue: Finding something blue to wear for your big day can be a little stressful. You could go with blue shoes, though that might throw off your color scheme, or a blue garter belt, though that can be kind of cliché. Another option is going for a blue tattoo. You get to honor a celebrated wedding tradition and you’ll always have a lovely reminder of your big day.

2. Take Flight: Instead of releasing live doves at your outdoor wedding, let the birds fly free on your body. This delicate micro tattoo pairs perfectly with the delicate lace of this gorgeous gown.

3. Portrait Back: We can’t get over this stunning ink. Use your wedding day, and a backless dress, as an opportunity to show off the beautiful artwork of a talented tattoo artist.

4. Beach Fun: Have some fun at your beach wedding with a foot tattoo that announces the union of you and your love as the two of you make your big exit. Go with a Sharpie statement if you’re not ready to to take a permanent body art plunge.

5. Monogram It: Did you get a special monogram made for your wedding invitations and decor? Why not get it tattooed on your hand for your big day? It’ll look great as you dance the night away and will serve as a great reminder of your storybook night.

6. Love Story: Give some words of love a platform, and ditch the need for a necklace, with a chest piece tattoo. A wide v-neck provides the perfect stage to show off a meaningful wedding tat.

7. Strapless Constellations: A spray of constellations pairs perfectly with your outdoor wedding and your strapless gown. The dangling earrings, complete with pearls, only add to the carefree bride vibe.

8. Gold Love: Your wedding tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent — one lifetime commitment is enough for one day! Flash tattoos are a fun and sparkly yet temporary way to rock your bride pride for your nuptials.

9. Accentuate It: Did you splurge on a great pair of shoes for your walk down the aisle? Give them the love they deserve with a pair of tattoos that’ll draw the eyes down.

10. Squad Tats: Brand your bridal party with matching (fake) tattoos. They bring everyone in your bridal crew together and, let’s be real, make for great Instagram pics. Don’t forget to come up with a hashtag for your wedding to find the pics afterwards!

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