Tattoos and marriage are both meant to last forever, and for some couples, exchanging rings isn’t a permanent enough way to proclaim their everlasting commitment. For those couples looking to express their devotion with ink, there’s the wedding tattoo — a sweet way to share something forever without committing to a full-on body mural. Small matching or coordinating tattoos can serve as an intimate symbol of the day you were wed. Tiny tattoos are popping up everywhere these days — from Bieber’s face tattoo to Kylie’s… everywhere — and we scoured Instagram to find the sweetest little wedding tattoos for the couple that wants to say it in ink. Scroll down for some seriously romantic inspiration.

1. Anchors: Not just for the nautically inclined, an anchor tattoo serves as a symbol for security, stability and staying grounded. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a love of boating for this one too!

2. Wild and Safe: Lots of couples include a more grounded partner and a more adventurous one. For the pair that perfectly complements each other, these tattoos state “I’ll keep you wild” and “I’ll keep you safe,” serving as a reminder that you bring out the best in each other.

3. Thumbprint Hearts: This sweet tat forms a whole out of two halves, with each partner’s thumb creating part of the heart. Since no two fingerprints are the same, this tattoo is a sweet way to represent your unique love story.

4. XO: This ubiquitous sign for hugs and kisses is perfect for the affectionate duo. You could also ink your partner’s initial as a minimalist expression of love.

5. Plane and Map: A plane flying in the direction of a map on your partner is perfect for the couple that loves to travel the world and plans to see every inch of it together. This is an especially sweet set for the couple that met while traveling or is having an adventurous destination wedding. The perfect time to get it? While seeing the world on your honeymoon, of course.

6. King and Queen: Some things just go together. The king and queen of hearts are definitely among the more perfect symbols for declaring you’ve given your heart to one another.

7. Arrows: This two-part tattoo brings to mind sketching in a notebook, with arrows sweetly accenting the heart with your beloved’s initials inside. The grown-up version this couple chose is ripe with sweet meaning.

8. Wedding Crest: You worked hard to create a crest that accurately depicts your love, so why not turn it into a unique tattoo that will remind you of your wedding day forever? This crest was designed by the groom himself, which lends an extra personal touch to the tats.

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9. Interlocking Hearts: Your wedding symbolizes the day you join together to form a new kind of wholeness. What sweeter way to commemorate this union than with two halves of a heart that become whole when you join hands?

10. Hashtags: Hashtags are a very millennial choice, with so many potential meanings. Hashtag married? Hashtag forever? Hashtag love? It’s up to you.

11. Sun and Moon: Another take on yin and yang, a sun and moon can represent balance, unity and the merging of opposites. Draw inspiration from these symbols to show the world that you’ll light each other’s way for the rest of time.

12. Quote: You can quite literally finish each other’s sentences with dual tattoos of a sweet quote or sentiment. This one sweetly states, “With our whole hearts, for our whole life.”

13. Hearts: Sometimes, simply stated is best. Matching hearts on the same part of your body perfectly capture the everlasting love a married couple shares.

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14. Forever: Marriage is synonymous with forever, and it’s no more aptly stated than on these sweet ring finger tattoos that declare “4 ever” / “& ever.”

15. Puzzle Pieces: There’s this feeling that you just fit together when you find the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Two little puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together are the perfect symbol of your marriage.

16. Anniversary: Commemorate the date you were wed with matching tattoos in classic Roman numerals. An added bonus? You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your anniversary (not that you would!).

17. Always: On the day you proclaim that you will always be together, inscribe the sentiment on your bodies too. For the Harry Potter-obsessed couple, the Deathly Hallows “A” is a sweet nod to your shared love.

18. Infinity: The never-ending loop of an infinity symbol is one of the most beautiful ways to proclaim your limitless love. Sport the ink on your ring finger for an extra-special wedding tattoo.

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