You would think as a member of the royal family, you鈥檇 have your pick of fine dining experiences. Caviar? Sure! Truffles? You betcha. Surf and turf? Er鈥 well鈥 maybe hold the surf. According to Travel + Leisure, in addition to being made to always travel with black clothing, the entire royal family has actually been BANNED from eating shellfish! Crazy, we know!

That means everything from lobster a la carte to mussels and shrimp are a no go for The Queen, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and company.

Apparently, the risk of foodborne illness is too great with shellfish to risk for the royal fam, who must adhere to their busy schedules at all times. Okay, fair enough, but no lobster? Come on!

And that鈥檚 not all: In an effort to keep them healthy, they鈥檙e also advised against eating foreign meats while abroad, as well as tap water.

The rules are even stricter when the Queen herself is present. As her former chef previously revealed to the National Post, garlic is a definite no-no. 鈥溾 at Buckingham Palace, you don鈥檛 cook with garlic,鈥 he quipped. 鈥淚 suppose, in case you get the royal burp.鈥

As another former chef, Darren McGrady, shared with The Telegraph back in 2015, there are no starches prepared at the Royal table, either. 鈥淣o starch is the rule. No potatoes, rice, or pasta for dinner. Just usually something like grilled sole with vegetables and salad.鈥

Dang. We鈥檙e seriously starting to feel for Prince William, Kate, and Harry! Maybe we don鈥檛 want to be a Royal after all鈥 just kidding! (*Wink, wink*)

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(h/t InStyle; photos via Chris Jackson/Getty)