Have you ever SEEN a cuter, more stylish wedding couple? We’re not sure we have. From the groom’s perfectly coiffed man bun to the bride’s modern, ethereal gown (which — paging Tim Gunn — she designed herself), Adam and Deanna have got the whole dreamy DIYed wedding thing down. If you’re aiming for a DIY wedding with the perfect balance of modern and rustic touches, you’ll want to pin all of these DIY wedding ideas from Adam and Deanna’s big day stat.

1. Beautiful Backdrop: Lace and bronze come together in a simple-yet-breathtaking DIY backdrop for the couple’s ceremony. Deanna fashioned the backdrop out of PVC pipe, which she then spray painted for a metallic sheen. She scored the lace from a local fabric shop and hung it in long strips for a flowy, romantic effect.

2. Peruvian Roots: Deanna, whose mother was born in Peru, honored her Peruvian heritage with a few extra special touches. The couple exchanged vows while standing on a traditional Peruvian rug, and the guys completed their groomsmen outfits with cute llama ties.

3. Go for the Green: Deanna stuck to natural, earthy tones for the reception tables, and the results are stunning. This further proves that you don’t need pricey flowers for a knock-your-socks-off pretty effect. The stump centerpieces were all DIYed; Deanna’s dad cut them from a tree Deanna used to climb as a kid. Cue the “Awwwww.”

4. A Little Bit of Paint: Succulents take a festive, modern turn when a touch of gold paint is applied in sharp geometric shapes. The “take me home” flags signal to guests that these cute plants are up for grabs.

5. Yay for Ombre: Deanna hand-dyed the reception table napkins from cream to mint green for another added bit of color. Tying the napkins off with twine keeps the modern ombre effect looking rustic as well.

6. Snap Happy: This cool guestbook idea got everyone in the photo-taking spirit. Guests simply snapped a pic with the camera, which instantly produced a photo, then hung it on lengths of twine with a small clothespin. Attendees had fun scoping out other guests’ poses throughout the wedding!

7. Dried to Perfection: Deanna’s take on the bridal bouquet and flower crown is truly vintage-inspired — and DIYed to boot. Drying the flowers herself added a rustic, washed-out charm to the bouquet and crown.

8. DIY Dress: When your best friend is a super talented seamstress, DIYing your dress becomes a no-brainer. Deanna designed her wedding dress herself, then handed off her design to her friend, who brought her bridal vision to life. Talk about a dream DIY duo!

9. Breakfast Buffet: Waffles at a wedding? Yes, please! The couple’s waffle bar, complete with tons of fun toppings, was a huge hit. Psst, those card holders were DIYed too, out of sleek walnut wood.

10. Personalized Cups FTW: You can’t have waffles without coffee, so Deanna and Adam upped their coffee game by serving hot java in these personalized paper cups. The minimalistic monogram packs a major modern design punch.

This sweet and stylish wedding is what DIY dreams are made of. Congrats, Deanna and Adam!


Photography:Effjay Photography
Invitations: Printed by Hazel & Violet

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