Ryan Lochte may have made the news (and found himself in the midst of criminal charges) with his behavior during this year鈥檚 Rio Olympics, but now it looks like teammate Michael Phelps might be rubbing off on Ryan. Not only is Lochte always willing to jump right into the pool after Phelps, he鈥檚 apparently willing to jump right into fatherhood. That鈥檚 right! Ryan and his fianc茅e, Kayla Rae Reid, just announced that they鈥檙e having a baby in the sweetest (most appropriate) pic possible.

She is beautiful inside and out

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As a world-class swimmer, it鈥檚 not uncommon to see 32-year-old Ryan post pics of himself in a pool. But this latest one was very special. Showing himself underwater with 25-year-old model Kayla standing in front of him, he鈥檚 gently kissing her belly in a very telling way.

The gold medal winner is clearly over-the-moon, adding the caption, 鈥淢y Christmas gift came early this year, can鈥檛 wait for next year! Best news I鈥檝e ever received #CLOUD9 #excited #family #love #2017鈥

Congratulations, Ryan and Kayla!

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