According to the magazines at the grocery store checkout line, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are about to become parents. So, of course, everyone wants to know what they are going to name this superhuman of an infant. 鈥淥n the plane over here I was trying to think of baby names. I don鈥檛 want a name that鈥檚 anything pretentious or, like, Hollywoody,鈥 Ryan told Canada鈥檚 etalk. 鈥淪o I鈥檓 going with Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds鈥 that鈥檚 if it鈥檚 a girl. And if it鈥檚 a boy, Bruce Jenner.鈥

While we love Ryan鈥檚 ideas, we thought we might help the parents-to-be out by sharing a few of our favorite baby names that meet his criteria 鈥 these 10 names are adorable, but not 鈥減retentious or, like, Hollywoody.鈥


2. Irene

3. Micah

4. Jonah

5. Logan

6. Anita

7. Toby

8. Imogen

9. Fred

10. Claudia

Not pretentious or Hollywoody鈥 right? But if the twosome decide to stick with Ryan鈥檚 original ideas, we have a list for that too:

1. Justin Jonasbrother

2. Kal茅 Bertrand

3. Tyrion Snow

4. Cassiopea Namaste

5. Xandra DiBumble

7. June July

8. Buck Mercury

9. Streetlamp Le Moose

10. Wentworth Mole (pronounced mole-ay, like the Mexican chocolate sauce)

We鈥檒l let you guys take it from here, Ry, Blake.

Would you consider any of these names for your baby? Let us know in the comments!