It’s not often that we like to write posts that mess with your minds, but please excuse us while we hypnotize you for a moment. Or more accurately while we let Mikhail Sadovnikov hypnotize you with a performance of visual art.

Using a potters’ wheel and some wet messy clay, he creates patterns upon patterns on the spinning wheel without missing a beat. What it amounts to is a spinning mosaic that’s impossible to look away from. (We tried. Did not have the power.)

You can’t really get the full effect without a few gifs. So here they are.

Apparently this is what happens when a Russian mathematician decides to become a potter of sorts. And if you’re ready to see the best thing you’ll see all week long, you can go ahead and watch the vid. It’s an entire 15 minutes long, but we have a feeling you’ll be stuck in your chair for much longer than that… especially if you pair it with a little Pink Floyd.

After you’re done tuning out, tell us what you thought about it in the comments below.