Back in 2010, Sandra Bullock was already an Academy Award-winning actresses, People Magazine鈥檚 2015 Most Beautiful Woman Alive and one of the biggest stars in Hollywood when she decided to add the title of 鈥渕om鈥 when she adopted her little boy Louis. The megastar celeb just became a mom for the second time.


People Magazine revealed just this morning that Sandy has adopted a second child, and her name is Laila (pronounced 鈥淟ila鈥 FYI). And you鈥檒l never guess where the Our Brand Is Crisis actress got her inspiration to bring home kid number two 鈥 her five-year-old son, Louis. According to JD Heyman, the Deputy Editor of People, who interviewed the star, it was Louis who 鈥渂egan discussing whether or not he鈥檇 ever have siblings鈥 that caused his famous mom to think about it. 鈥淟ouis spearheaded this whole journey,鈥 Sandra says in the interview. She also says this about her new daughter: 鈥淲hen I look at Laila, there鈥檚 no doubt in my mind that she was supposed to be here.鈥 SO sweet.

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And while the adoption was only revealed today, it鈥檚 actually been a long, grueling three-year process that finally brought little Laila home. Three-year-old Laila is from Louisiana (just like Sandy鈥檚 son Louis!) and was in foster care before she found her permanent home. While 鈥渟he was scared鈥 at first, her mama made a huge effort to let her 鈥渒now Louis and I weren鈥檛 going anywhere.鈥 And according to the article, the little girl and her new brother are already 鈥渋nseparable.鈥

And it certainly sounds like Sandy鈥檚 having a great time adjusting to life with a daughter, who has brought 鈥減ink and glitter in the house mixed with Legos and Batmans.鈥 All in all, it warms our hearts to hear the story and we鈥檙e so happy for the new family.

Congratulations, Sandra!

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(h/t People, photos via People + Theo Wargo/Getty)