When most kids brainstorm their Halloween costumes, they come up with things like Elsa from Frozen, a favorite superhero character or Spongebob Squarepants. But there are others that get pretty creative with their outfit for the holiday – kind of like Lena Dunham’s year as a secretary from a 90’s sitcom. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Sanda Bullock told Jimmy Fallon that her 5-year-old son Louis will be dressing up as a Ninja Turtle. While this might seem like a pretty standard pick, he got very creative when brainstorming what his mom should dress up as this year.

Jimmy asked Sandra whether or not she dresses up for the holiday. She told him, “Oh, I do. We [her and Louis] usually match but this year he sort of deviated off the matching and he chose something that… he chose slutty Batgirl. You know there’s the regular Batgirl and then there’s the one for those moms that like to really turn it out?” She went onto to explain that they were looking at a Halloween catalogue at the time and when her son Louis saw the costume. He said, “‘Mama, you has to wear this'” to which Sandra responded, “‘No, mama doesn’t has to.'”

Sandra told Jimmy that instead she deciding between going as “either a pirate wench covered head-to-toe or the basic mime.” Sandra, if you need some help putting that mime costume together we got you, girl.

Have you kids ever come up with hilarious Halloween costumes for you? Share with us in the comments below.

(Feature photo via Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty)