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Our classes are only about an hour long, so it’s not too late to learn a new skill for a fun weekend project. Try your hand at one of our popular lettering classes and add a DIY element to your gallery wall. Or perhaps use your new watercolor skills to put a twist on this Anthropologie wall art look-a-like. You can even combine your photography and lettering skills to make your own motivational decor. What’s holding you back?

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Calligraphy 101 Online Class: Calling all aspiring letterers! Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye is here to teach you her mad calligraphy skills in our very best-selling online class. Learn your way around nibs, ink, script technique, the works.


Intro To DSLR Photography Online Class: Scared of your fancy camera? Dare to take your DSLR out of auto mode. Professional photographer Jenna Kutcher will show you the ins and outs of camera settings and how to adjust them for different lighting scenarios.


Intro To Adobe Photoshop Online Class: Learn how to edit photos and create gorgeous visual layouts. Teela Cunningham of Every Tuesday will teach you how enhance your images with Photoshop tools, create a super fun Polaroid layout, and create graphics. You’ll walk away with the skills to make social media images or fun, frameable gifts for your family.


How To Crush It On Instagram Online Class: Overcome your Insta-shyness with Instagram celeb Irene Kim Shepherd. She’ll show you mobile photography basics, editing apps, how to engage your community and how to post and tag a photo for maximum effect.


Intro To Chalk Lettering Online Class: Make signage for your home or next event! Valerie McKeehan shows you how to create a layout and design for your piece, draw in serif, sans serif and script letters and add embellishments and flourishes to your design.


Watercolor Painting Online Class: Paint your own bouquet, one petal at a time. Jenna Rainey will teach you how to build your own color palette, use different brush strokes and paint petals, leaves and stems.


Intro to Adobe Illustrator Online Class: From blog graphics to wedding invitations, it’s probably made in Illustrator. In this class, Alexi Politis will teach you how to make pretty invitations and stationery. You’ll learn how to customize your workspace, use Illustrator tools and modes, create shapes, repeating objects and backgrounds, and prepare your work for print.


Phone Photography Basics Online Class: Shoot and edit professional photos with just your phone! Blogger Helene Sula show you how to take bland photos to the next level and develop your own personal style. At the end of the class, you’ll have a collection of photos that are totally you.


Watercolor Calligraphy Online Class: It’s just what it sounds like. Get a crash course in calligraphy and learn how to create a watercolor wash, a reverse-out lettering effect and watercolor ombre words. You’ll end with three adorable tent cards to use at your next dinner party.

Remember, use code SAVE25 at checkout! If you haven’t purchased a class with us before, you should know that the classes never expire — once you buy the class, you can watch the videos forever!