School lunches are a thing of nightmares. At least that’s what we remember thinking during our days spent in the cafeteria. Apparently, in other countries throughout the world, the lunch lads and ladies provide fresh, top-of-the-line ingredients and not frozen + reheated what is thaton my tray items. Can we hit rewind and relieve our primary days in France — for lunchtime at the very least?


Sweetgreen, a destination for fast and delicious food that’s also healthy for you, is highlighting the differences in food quality between the US and the world’s school lunch halls. The sweetgreen in schools program works to educate kids about eating healthy through a photo series showing what children are consuming at lunch throughout the world. While we were never a fan of the chewy chicken nuggets or watery tomato soup served to us back then, we definitely aren’t now, having seen the options we could have had.


While kids in countries like Brazil, Finland, Greece, Ukraine and South Korea are provided fresh fruits + veggies, rice, bread and meat or fish for their midday meals, the trays in the States are sadly filled with items like chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, peas, a sad fruit cup and a chocolate chip cookie. Not exactly the farmer’s market selection the other countries are getting.


By pointing out the healthy food inequalities in school meal programs in the US, sweetgreen is hoping to incite change in order to help in the fight against childhood obesity. We say they should team up with FLOTUS’ Let’s Move campaign and let the kids eat their greens.


To find out more about the sweetgreen in schools program, head here.

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(h/t Upworthy)