A friend once called selfies “longarms,” which I found adorable, but also upsetting because I am the owner of “shortarms.” If you’re nodding your head knowingly right now, this is the gadget for us, friend! HISY promises a perfect selfie every time, no matter the length of your appendages.

It’s a little button about the size of a silver dollar (wait are silver dollars really valid forms of measurement? Have you ever seen one outside of an infomercial? How about… pog?) HISY is about the size of a pog. Maybe a slammer. It’s a wireless camera shutter remote that connects to your Apple device using Bluetooth and lets you take the perfect hassle-free pic or even video from anywhere without having to fight with your phone.

Say goodbye to every 45 degree selfie angle you’ve perfected, your good side is your good side once again from a respectable distance — and group selfies are effortless. Ol Longarm isn’t stuck taking every one of them. HISY can even connect up to 90 feet, so it might turn your iPhone into the handy spy cam you’ve been in the market for.

While fun for selfies, this would make a perfect iPad photo booth at your next shindig, don’t you think? It kind of conjures up an image of an old timey photog with one of those buttons that take the picture, which may or may not be called a shutter. I tried to Google the name of it but “old photographer button” just brings up a lot of images of babies wearing newsy caps, which is cute but not at all helpful.

We love apps but you don’t even one need one to get your HISY on, just an Apple device and $25 and HISY can be yours today.

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