We’re always down for unconventional beauty tricks. Whether it’s misting your face with milk like Cindy Crawford, using black soap or trying avocado and oil hair masks, we’re game. But this might be the strangest one yet. Celebrity skin care guru Kate Sommerville just admitted to the New York Times that she shaves her face. Yes, you read that right.

Norma Jean

Apparently beauty greats like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor did the same thing — hair removal products like Nair weren’t invented until the ‘70s. Sommerville and other beauty experts before her have recommended shaving their peach fuzz, since lasers can’t pick up fine hairs.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor Poses

If you shave your face too you’re not alone — three out of four women ages 18-34 have removed facial hair in the last year. And here’s the final word on whether or not you should do it: According to NYU’s Elizabeth K. Hale, professor of dermatology, it’s a complete myth that your hair will grow back coarser or darker. As always, consult with your derm before doing anything to your face, but it’s good to know that this is a serious (easy) option if you want it and don’t feel like shelling out dough to wax.

For more fascinating info and tips, check out popular Bachelor contestant Michelle Money’s face shaving YouTube video, which has over 300,000 views.

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(h/t The New York Times, photos via J. L. Willinger for Hulton Archive at Getty Images, Hulton Archive at Getty)