Feel like dabbling in DIY? If so, we’ve got TONS of kits and e-classes for you to check out in the B+C Shop. And as the title of this post tells you, all of them are 25% OFF until September 27! Use the code TRYADIY at checkout and you’re good to go.

There are tons of kits and classes to choose from, but here are eight of our current faves.

1. Calligraphy 101 Class ($29): This e-class and its corresponding kit has been selling through the roof over here at Brit + Co! In 40 minutes, calligraphy pro Lauren Essl will teach you how to pen numbers, symbols and upper- and lower-case letters, and you’ll walk away with six gorgeous greeting cards handmade by Y-O-U.

2. Homemade Gin Kit ($50): How cool is this kit by W&P?! We want to try it for ourselves and then buy another one for our favorite dude. What’s up, perfect holiday present?

3. Sewing 101 Class ($19): See that rad red maxi skirt our girl Roxy is wearing above? Yeah, she’ll teach you how to sew one of your own. Her e-class also shows you how to sew easy, breezy and downright beautiful pillowcases and napkins. (Especially good for beginners!)

4. Frosting and Cake Batter Ice Cream Cupcakes Kit ($34): What?! Ice cream-topped cupcakes? Ice cream that’s frosting and cake batter flavored?! UM, YES. Miss Jones Baking Co. put together this all-natural kit to satisfy your super-sweet tooth and baking ambitions all in one. Indulge, baby.

5. LED Electronics Class ($19) If you’re like us, you’re probably in awe of crafts using electronics but a little intimidated to try your hand at it yourself. Well, here’s the motivation you’ve been waiting for! In this e-class, our very own CEO Brit Morin will teach you the basics of DIY-ing with electricity and show you how to make an LED headband and a nifty lamp. Sign us up!

6. Color Blocked Candles Kit ($30): This ain’t your average crayon-to-candles DIY. Instead of the go-to marbling effect most people use, our kit helps you make color blocked (and may we say, beautiful?) candles out of crayons and soy wax. We love how many color combo options there are!

7. Laser Cut Statement Necklace Kit ($25): This kit is also a major favorite at Brit HQ. Tech meets style with this laser cut acrylic necklace that is sure to turn heads. People won’t believe it when you tell them you made it yourself!

8. Cake Baking 101 ($19): Okay, we know that cake decorating is a true art form, people. An intimidating, hard-to-perfect art form. But Tessa Huff’s e-class shows us a GENIUS way to decorate our cakes beautifully, every time. (Hint: fondant!) It’s virtually impossible to mess up. We’re in.

The kits and e-classes sale ends Saturday, September 27, so be sure to scoop these up ASAP with the code TRYADIY at checkout! Let the DIY-fest begin!

Which e-classes and kits do you have an eye on? Let us know in the comments below!