Before you read this article, why don’t you go ahead and queue up an instantly classic party song… Shots! Now that you’re in the mood, it’s time to get amped up for the weekend with a roundup of the hottest shot glasses around. From puns on getting trashed to an entire checkers set made of shot glasses, let’s party down!

1. Shot Roulette ($24): First up, a drinking game and a super awesome set of 15 shot glasses? Yes please. This word play on the infamous Chatroulette is much better than its digital inspiration.

2. Get Trashed ($10): Trashed. Get it? If not, maybe you’re already there…?

3. Nesting Shot Glasses ($18): For the gentleman who’s always prepared, this set of four nesting shot glasses will fit snugly into the inside pocket of your suit jacket. This would make a great groomsmen present!

4. Red Cup Shots ($8): Go for classic drinking style by shrinking down a quartet of red solo cups to shooter size.

5. Shot in the Dark ($40): Shot through the the heart, and you’re to blame… Oh wait, wrong song. But still, doesn’t this make you want to play that, like, right now?!

6. Lens Shot Glasses (($18): This is the glass that inspired this entire roundup — it’s the newest way to, wait for it, take your best shot! Available in both Canon and Nikon lenses, we need this ASAP.

7. NY Espresso Shot Glasses ($10): So these might technically be for espresso, but maybe it’s time they graduated to spiked espresso already. It is Friday after all.

8. Mason Jar Shot Glasses ($13): We fell in love with this the instant they hit the Internet. It’s like someone read our still-can’t-resist-mason-jars minds.

9. Shot Glass Checkers Set ($24): Resist the urge to say checkmate every time you take a shot.

10. Llama Shot Glass ($85): And finally, the strangest and most expensive shot glass we’ve ever seen. A silver alloy Llama, straight from La Paz, Bolivia.

What’s your favorite shot? Can’t resist the lemon drop or go for straight whiskey like a champ? Talk to us in the comments below.