When you start dating someone new, sometimes you talk about your exes. Sometimes you don鈥檛. Either way is okay, and it totally depends on what you and your partner are cool with talking about. But something will definitely feel off if your new boo is still feeling all the feels for their last S.O. If you鈥檙e worried about them being hung up on their ex, it can bring up concerns about cheating and maybe even make you feel like you should see a relationship therapist. Before you know it, you could be in a toxic relationship. Yikes! But before you freak out, read this. We chatted with Dr. Elan Golomb, an author and licensed psychologist, to get the rundown on what to watch out for if you鈥檙e worried your boo might be reminiscing a little too fondly about their last relationship.

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This is really the most important sign of all. If you feel like something is off with regard to your new S.O. and their ex, chances are you might be right. Of course, if you tend to worry about this kind of thing in every relationship, then this advice probably doesn鈥檛 hold true, but if you usually don鈥檛, it may be worth it to go with your gut. 鈥淚f you feel your lover is going through the motions of loving you but isn鈥檛,鈥 says Elan, that could be an indication that something isn鈥檛 quite right. There are lots of things that could cause you to start having doubts, but a major one is that they suddenly have less time for you than they did before, she says.

What to do: If you can, Elan suggests that you try to see the whole picture from an outside perspective. 鈥淐hildren are great at reading emotional signs. They don鈥檛 turn off the way their parents and society do. Get in touch with your inner child and feel the message. There鈥檚 no way to convince a child that they鈥檙e loved when they aren鈥檛.鈥 This might be easier said than done, but the idea here is simple: Trust your most basic instincts.

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Talking about exes with your new partner can actually be a good thing. You can share what went wrong in the past and help each other understand your core needs and expectations in a romantic relationship. But, according to Elan, if your partner talks about their ex鈥檚 physical appearance or their sexual relationship with them, that鈥檚 a REALLY BIG red flag. Why? There鈥檚 literally no constructive reason to mention it. 鈥淚f they speak of their previous lover鈥檚 looks and are insensitive about how this makes you feel,鈥 that鈥檚 definitely a no-go, she says. Additionally, if your S.O. compares your current sex life to the one they had in the past in a way that makes you feel bad 鈥 even in a passing comment 鈥 don鈥檛 let it slide.

What to do: Have an open and honest conversation about why they felt like this topic needed mentioning, since it鈥檚 pretty much *never* appropriate. Broaching the subject might even help your S.O. understand their own feelings in a new way and lead to closure.

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Did they accidentally miss plans to meet up somewhere or, even worse, skip out on date night? According to Elan, this likely means their mind is elsewhere and maybe with their ex.

What to do: If you are starting to 鈥渇eel as if you鈥檙e with a stranger鈥 when you鈥檙e together or that 鈥渢he way you used to fit together isn鈥檛 happening and there鈥檚 nothing you can do about it,鈥 Elan says it鈥檚 again worth talking to get to the bottom of it.


If your new partner isn鈥檛 willing to commit (as in not wanting to DTR) or talk about feelings, this could potentially be due to a lot of different things, but if these qualities are combined with any of the above, there鈥檚 a reasonable chance your S.O. isn鈥檛 ready to move on from their last romance. What are warning signs after being together for at least a few months? 鈥淭hey leave nothing behind when they come to your place and they don鈥檛 give you a key to theirs,鈥 Elan says. If you don鈥檛 feel at home with them and they鈥檙e not trying to feel at home with you, it may mean they鈥檙e not ready to take the relationship further because of past romantic experiences.

What to do: When it comes down to it, there鈥檚 no way you can really know what鈥檚 going on in your partner鈥檚 mind if you don鈥檛 ask. While it might be an uncomfortable conversation to have, it鈥檚 likely worth it if they cringed at you leaving a toothbrush at their place. Even if the reason is something other than being hung up on an ex, it鈥檚 better to get to the bottom of it than be left wondering what鈥檚 going on, right? After all, you deserve nothing less than to be happy and secure in your romantic relationship!

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