If you’ve ever waited in a really long line or gotten stuck waiting around for a delayed train, you and your back know the pain of standing for what seems like an eternity. And as much as you’d like to carry around a folding chair at all times (not!), now you can just carry around the world’s most compact foldable resting device, the Sitpack.

This device just might rescue your aching bod the next time you find yourself in a bind of the stand-here-and-wait variety. When we say it’s compact, we mean it’s compact. This sitting device weighs less that one pound and is only 6.6 inches tall and two inches across, so you may even be able to fit it in a clutch or glove compartment. Extended, it’s approximately the size and shape of a pogo stick (minus the bounce).

Design firm Mono + Mono didn’t design this comfy T-shaped pole as a total last resort. It’s actually ergonomic, and it keeps your body feeling active rather than idle. It puts your core to work, though maybe not as much as a medicine ball.

The Sitpack is not a substitute for your office chair or your living room furniture. Think of it as a comfort solution for those times when sitting just isn’t an option — when you’re waiting for a concert to start or in line on Black Friday.

Mono + Mono is Kickstarting the Sitpack through November 29. For a $30 pledge, you can still get one for yourself.

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(h/t Designboom)