Holiday shopping for the tech lovers on your list can often be pretty difficult — there’s always so much awesome new stuff out there, and with technology upgrading at the speed of light, it can be pretty hard to pick just one. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve kept our ear to the ground and scoured the Internet far and wide to find out about some of the best new tech gifts for a whole range of budgets. Here it is — Brit + Co’s Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for 2015. Plug in and check out the goodies we have in store for you!

Best Tech Gifts for Her + Geektastic Gifts for Him


1. Disco Bracelet & UP MOVE by Jawbone Duo in Teal ($85): This activity tracker is the result of a brilliant collab between BaubleBar and Jawbone. It’s unlike any activity tracker out there — gorgeous and functional.


2. 1 Voice Bluetooth Beanie ($69): This company plays with Bluetooth connectivity like no other co. you know, connecting it to items like beanies so that you can listen to your favorite tunes while commuting, skiing, looking hip in your favorite cafe, etc.


3. X-Doria’s Defense Shield in Rose Gold ($50): The X-Doria Defense Shield Rose Gold combines a good-lookin’ case with serious protection for all the iPhone lovers out there.


4. Ringly Wanderlust Labrodite Ring ($225): This stunning labrodite Ringly comes from our favorite wearable company’s new Libra Collection. It’s not only super useful to notify you about incoming calls + texts on your phone, but it’s stylish to boot.


5. Photojojo Power Wallet ($80): Get organized with the Power Wallet and you’ll have quick access to all your necessities plus a backup battery at the ready!


6. Jonathan Adler X Speck Candy Shell iPhone 6/6S Case ($50): This Jonathan Adler X Speck Collab candy shell case will not only keep your phone safe — it’ll keep the gifted one stylin’.


7. Photojojo Selfie Kase ($50): With the flip of a switch, this case turns on LED lights that line the side of your case for the ultimate selfie. Plus, it makes for a great flashlight.


8. Casetify Painted Protea Macbook Sleeve ($60): This stunning Macbook sleeve comes in two different sizes — one for the Air and another for the Pro. It’s so pretty, it’s sure to turn heads in the coffee shop.


9. Zagg Smartphone Pocket Keyboard ($70): The ZAGG Pocket Keyboard will actually turn your iPhone into a tiny little computer. Seriously, people won’t know what hit them when you whip out your tiny keyboard and start typing away.


10. Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC ($214): Ockel Sirius B is a powerful Windows 10 pocket PC that you can carry around with you wherever you go.


11. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane ($52): This smartphone-controlled paper airplane is for the techie who has everything but wings.


12. Skyeye Mini Drone HD Camera ($99): This SKEYE Mini Drone with HD Camera is the tiny compact ‘copter that can fit in the palm of your hand. Plus, the tiny drone can get into tiny spaces for never-before-seen views.


13. Withings Activité Steel Activity Tracker Watch ($170): This watch is so handsome and stylish, you’d never guess that it doubles as an activity tracker as well. Plus, it’s waterproof and the no-charge battery lasts for up to eight months.


14. Iskelter Slate Mobile Air Desk ($98): This handy lap desk is the perfect thing to have when you’re working in front of the TV or on the bed. There’s even a built-in mousepad and slot for your smartphone.


15. Boombotix Rex ODB Bluetooth Speaker ($70): This quirky little wireless speaker packs a huge bass, and your techie/hip-hop loving friend will definitely appreciate the ODB decor.


16. My Passport Ultra Hard Drive ($130): The My Passport Ultra is premium portable storage that goes wherever you need to go. It stores up to three TB, which allows you to store photos, videos, music and more to your heart’s content.


17. Zaptip Magnetic Super Charger ($85): The Zaptip is the ultimate charging solution whether you have an Android or iPhone. Simply snap the tip into your charge port and use the Zaptip cord to easily charge up your device. This interchangeable Lightning and USB-C charger is exactly what a mixed (Android and iOS) family needs. This makes one heck of a stocking stuffer.

Best Tech Gifts for People Who Like to Move It Move It


1. Hudway Glass Heads Up Display ($49): The HUDWAY Glass is a display that shows your speed, turn-by-turn directions and the road ahead, and it’s available for any car. Pre-order it now for the holidays and put a Tesla on the wishlist for next year.


2. OrfosFlare 360 Degree Bike Headlight and Tail Light ($229): The Orfos Flare 360 Degree Bike Headlight and Tail Light allow you to be seen on the road from all angles and will keep cyclists THAT much safer at night.


3. Microsoft Band 2 ($250): Microsoft’s second iteration of the Band 2 is a revelation. It’s the smartest activity tracking band yet — it even measures your elevation and allows you to check your emails.


4. Bublcam ($799): The Bublcam allows your to take 360-degree-view photos and videos so that you can truly capture the experience of wherever you are.


5. Urbanears Sumpan Earbuds in Sea Grey ($29): The Urbanears Sumpan in Sea Grey isn’t just attractive in color; it’s also lightweight and features excellent sound quality and a behind-the-neck hook function for folks on the go.


6. WakaWaka Power+ Solar Powered Charger ($79): For the active techie who loves going off the grid, a solar powered charger to help power lights and charge up your smart gadgets is a must. Plus, WakaWaka, which gets its name from the Swahili word for “light,” will actually donate a solar charger to people in need of electricity for every one purchased.


7. Zagg Rugged Book ($140+): The Zagg Rugged iPad Case with Keyboard turns your regular iPad into a tablet computer that’s ready to take on the world and any travels you have planned for it. It fits iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini/2/3.


8. Mino Shoe Life Tracker ($15): This flat little tracker tucks into the bottom of your shoe and will tell you exactly how much life is left in your running shoes. It will keep you from injuring yourself from running on shoes that no longer give proper support.


9. Uno Noteband ($99): The Uno Noteband isn’t just a fitness tracker. It also connects you to your phone and notifies you when you receive a message. It lasts up to five days without a charge and doubles as a stylish watch.

Best Tech Gifts for Homebodies


1. Canary All-In-One Security ($199): Canary is a complete security system in one portable device that is easily managed through an app on your smartphone. The device comes equipped with a camera, temperature + humidity sensors, ambient light and an accelerometer to keep your home totally safe.


2. Circle ($99): This magical little box will help you take the Internet beast by its horns and tame it. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but if you have kids (or just want to keep tabs on yourself), Circle can track app usage, filter content and limit your Internet usage via the settings on an accompanying smartphone app.


3. littleBits Smart Home Kit ($249): The Smart Home Kit by littleBits is an inventor’s dream. The kit comes with 14 modules, like a USB port, MP3 player and a light sensor, plus 11 different accessories that will allow you to jigger up any part of your home to make it automated and Internet-connected. Smartphone-controlled curtains? No prob.


4. White & White LED Wall Clock ($260): This attractive White & White LED Clock will get you to places on time — but also, it just looks so dang cool.


5. Nebia Showerhead ($349): The Nebia shower head is not only environmentally conscious, but also offers a shower experience unlike any other. While it’s only available for pre-order at the moment, it’s worth the wait — we promise.


6. Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor ($65): Going on a trip? Or just too lazy to water the house plants? The Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor is what you need to keep your house plants alive. Best part is you can track and enable the device with your smartphone.


7. Zuli Smartplug ($160): The Zuli smart plug allows you to set schedules, track energy use, brighten and dim lighting and so much more. So useful.


8. HiddenRadio2 Hub ($199): This HiddenRadio2 has touch controls, Bluetooth and 12+ hours of playtime that is perfect for the at-home audiophile.


9. Apple TV ($149+): The new Apple TV got a serious upgrade, as did the accompanying Apple remote — it now has a built-in accelerometer. With a serious expansion in apps, including shopping apps, this will be one of the most popular Apple gifts of the year.


10. LG 55EG9100 TV ($1799): This LG TV has a curved 55-inch OLED display that guarantees that every show or movie you watch on this baby is a visual feast. Arguably one of the best TVs on the market for the money (and it’s still a lot of money), your homebody techie will adore you and have you over for lots of movie nights, we’re sure.

june intelligent oven

11. June Oven ($1495): Another big-ticket tech item that made headlines in 2015 is a must for the home body who wishes their home was more like the Jetsons’ abode. This smart convection oven is the wave of the perfect-cookie-making future, featuring a quad-core processor, built-in camera and sensors that can detect what kind of food you place into it and monitor what you’re cooking while you do other things.

Best Tech Gifts Under $50


1. Disk Khaki Emoji Keyboard ($20): This wireless keyboard is perfect for anyone who belongs to the generation (this one!) where emoji communication is basically its own language.


2. Coloud The Boom Blocks Bauhaus Headphones ($30): These fun Coloud headphones keep the music at kid-friendly levels. Plus, they’re super colorful and a great gift for anyone.


3. Satechi 3-in-1 Combo Hub in Gold ($35): The Satechi 3-in-1 Combo Hub turns your laptop into a serious multitasker. Not only do you get three USB 3.0 ports, but you also get an SD card + Micro SD slot.


4. StickR TrackR ($25): For your forgetful techie, this is a great stocking stuffer. Attach this coin-size Bluetooth device to anything that is easily lost, like keys or the remote, and find it in a heartbeat with a smartphone app.


5. Photojojo Wide Angle Lens ($20): This affordable little camera lens superpowers your phone’s camera in one simple attachment. Prepare to start taking killer shots with 0.67x focus + a wider view than before.


6. Make Collaboration Prop Laptop Stand ($16): This attractive little laptop stand instantly makes your laptop more ergonomically correct. The best part is the stand collapses so you can easily travel with it.


7. A Subscription to a Streaming Music Service (price varies): Everyone could use more music in their lives. Look for seasonal deals as competition gets fierce between big streamers like Pandora ($5/month), Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music (all $10/month).


8. Casetify Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($35): This nifty little selfie stick connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to take some killer selfies. If you think all selfie sticks are created equal, you’ve never tried the upgrade.

Best Tech Gifts for Makers


1. Glowforge 3D Laser Cutter ($2395): The bestselling Kickstarter campaign of all time (it raised over $27 MILLION in just 30 days) was no fluke. This 3D at-home laser cutter will bring your creative projects to life. It’s on pricier side, but can you imagine the possibilities?

Impossible Instant Lab universal

2. Impossible Instant Universal Photo Printer ($249): Get your iPhone photos printed out on a Polaroid with this nifty photo printer set from Impossible.


3. Nomiku Sous Vide ($199): Cook everything to a precise temp with the Nomiku Sous Vide. Buy this for the chef/techie in your life and prepare to be invited over for lots of perfectly cooked dinners.


4. Ultimaker 2 3D Printer ($2499): This is one of the best at-home 3D printers on the market. Naturally, this is quite a splurge, but we guarantee the creative techie will absolutely love this.

What are you planning on getting the techie in your life for the holidays? We’d love to know in the comments!