From establishing your social media brand to designing your website, there鈥檚 a lot to navigate out there as a small business. Paying聽someone to execute for you will do anything but help you save money 鈥 especially when you鈥檙e on a budget. So why not聽give it a crack yourself? With these small business essentials, you鈥檙e just a couple of hours away from building your own website and growing a social media following for聽your creative brand.

html class

1. Allison House鈥檚 HTML and CSS Coding Online Class ($39): Whether you鈥檙e building your own site from scratch or tweaking and updating your existing one, a little HTML and CSS knowledge goes a long way. This class will teach you everything you need to be up and running.

instagram class

2. Irene Kim Shepherd鈥檚 How to Crush It on Instagram Online Class ($29): One thing that鈥檚 simply necessary for small business success these days is a solid social media presence. Instagram is an easy way to聽get your message out there, and this class will teach you all the secrets to drumming up a solid following.

coding class

3. Allison House鈥檚 Coding: From Web Page to Website Online Class ($39): It鈥檚 one thing to throw a web page up on the 鈥榥et 鈥 it鈥檚 a whole other one entirely to turn it into a functional website. If you wanna get your hands dirty and tackle it yourself, Miss House is the lady for the job.

crowdfunding class

4. Lisa Fetterman鈥檚 Kickstart Your Business With Crowdfunding Online Class ($39): One of the glorious things about our modern age is that there are tons of ways to come across money for your business, and one of them is crowdfunding. It鈥檚 not always as easy as it might seem, but this class will make sure you kill it, no matter what your skill level.

blogger photo class

5. Lindsay Ostrom鈥檚 Photography for Bloggers Online Class ($29): Forget paying a fancy-schmancy photographer to capture images for your website. Take high quality ones yourself after you鈥檝e got this online class under your belt.

lightroom class

6. Sakura Cosidine鈥檚 Adobe Lightroom Online Class ($39): Once you聽have聽good images, there鈥檚 one more step: editing. Turn聽your good images into great ones with this how-to tutorial on Adobe Lightroom.

youtube class

7. The Sorry Girls鈥檚 How聽to Build a Successful YouTube Channel Online ($39): Learn how to show the world what you (and your business) are all about through a killer YouTube channel.

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