Would you like to Supersize that? No, no we would not. In fact, we’d like to downsize, shrink, miniaturize it, and take it on the road. And that includes our printing presses… if we had a printing press, that is. Thanks to Dutch open-source neo-craft studio, Letterproeftuin, a mobile version might soon be a reality.

Produced as a one-time installation for the International Poster & Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont, France, The Smallest Printing Company Press’s objective was to print tiny posters in real time with a series of pre-laser cut designs and letters. But it seems the mini tabletop press turned more heads than the posters did… even though those we’re pretty Gutenberg-rubberneck worthy as well.

Making the machine more teeny weeny gave it a sense of playful Frodo-sized fun. The press looks as approachable as an Easy Bake Oven but is as mighty as a Viking range. It uses a miniature Viprotech silk-screen table combo-ed with a model of a meticulously mini reproduction of a Roco-Ets v50.

Even those not-tall-enough for most amusement park rides can figure it out.

We’re dying to get one in the Brit + Co workshop, and we’re guessing a bunch of you are already chomping at the bit too. But we can all put the plastic back in our pockets for now: Currently, there are no plans to mass produce this little lovely.

But based on all the “I wants” we’re seeing and hearing around the interwebs, we have no doubt that some industrious manufacturer is going to take note and fulfill all of our mass-produced dreams.

What do you guys think? Should this project press on as a consumer product? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!