One of our favorite kitchen devices might very well be a thermometer. That’s right, a thermometer. No, not the kind you use to see if you have a fever; the kind you use to make sure your meat comes out juicy and not dry.

The food thermometer ties our good friends, the food processor and the hand mixer as the ultimate kitchen appliance. Why? Because when it works, it can help you look like an All Star Chef, whether you’re roasting a turkey or concocting some delicious candy. Key phrase here: “when it works.”

Many don’t. If you’ve ever owned one, you probably know that many brands can be inaccurate and hard to use. But now that we’ve come across the ever-inventive Smart Thermometer, there may finally be a solution to our food temperature problems.

We’re particularly excited about this thermometer because it runs using the energy on your phone, not by battery. All you have to do is plug in the thermometer to the headphone port on your phone and start measuring! It’s amazing how easy it is. What’s even better is that the temperature shows up on your large smartphone screen, as opposed to that mini display that most of us have to squint to read.

The product currently works for Android and iOS operating systems. If you’re as gung-ho about it as we are, you can pre-order one with a pledge on Kickstarter. By pledging $49 or more, you will receive a Smart Thermometer in your choice of pink or black by May 2013, just in time for some summer grilling.

Would you buy this thermometer or stick with the one you have (and what kind is it)? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.