Sometimes you need everything all in one place — at least that’s the mantra behind Edward Field and their new “Libby” wallets premiering today. The company’s sleek leather wallets keep everything in one place and are an essential time-saver for those grab-and-go moments.


But the main reason we love these wallets is the rad micro suction feature. To make your phone stick, you just align it with the tape and press down hard until you feel it’s attached. But the coolest thing about the feature is that it’s completely reusable. It’s not going to leave any gross residue on your phone or stop working after one attachment. After you disconnect your phone, just wipe down the tape with a damp cloth, wait for it to dry and then it’s ready to bounce back into action.

The wallet, which can fit an iPhone 5, 6 or 6 Plus, comes in eight different colors (we’re personally BIG fans of the royal blue option) and costs between $109 and $115. And they’re ready for you to scoop up now. Now, if only we could find somewhere to attach our keys…

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(Photos via Edward Fields)