If you’ve ever walked by vandalized posters and wished you looked more like one, boy, does Snapchat have the update for you! When scrolling through filter options, users will now find one that gives them complete control over what goes on their face. It’s the Snapchat drawing feature come to life and completely animated.

The filter is intuitive and follows your face as you move it around. So you can draw in different colored eyes, a mustache or maybe even that beauty mark you wish you had, and it will follow whatever you do. Or you can draw in something much more sinister. Demi Lovato just used it to add devil horns to her look.

We predict that we’re going to be using this one a lot in the coming days. We love that the filter remembers your last sketch so you don’t have to spend time recreating your masterpiece on every new face — because, of course, people are already making intricate Snapchat masterpieces. The Mona Lisa’s got nothing on you, armed with a finger and this new filter.

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(h/t Mashable; Photo via Getty)