The hottest social media platform at the moment is undoubtedly Snapchat. But how can you make the most of this awesome tool? The photo sharing app is adding all kinds of new and improved features, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. Luckily, we’ve got a few simple tech tips and tricks to help you become a Snapchat power user. Before you know it, you’ll be the one schooling your friends on how to use this app to the fullest.


1. Add people in a snap. Literally: Adding friends whose numbers you don’t have saved can be kind of a challenge. Of course, you can add by username, but you’d have to know their username first. The other more impressive way to add a pal is by simply snapping their snap code. Once you have their code in front of you (it’s that funny yellow square with the ghost in the middle and all the black dots), you simply snap a photo of it or hold your finger down on the camera screen until a notification pops up that prompts you to Add Friend.


2. Send money via Snapcash: Yes, you can ACTUALLY use Snapchat to transfer money directly to a friend’s bank account, thanks to their partnership with Square. You enable this feature by going to Home > Settings > Snapcash and inputting your debit card info. Snapchat will also keep track of your transactions and receipts for you. Then, when you’re Chatting your friend, all you have to do is type in the dollar sign with the amount, and hit the green button that automatically appears.


3. Live chat with a friend: If you and your friend are both in the Chat feature, the ordinarily yellow photo button will turn blue. Holding that blue button will then bring video chat on their screen. Similarly, if they hold down the button, their video will also show up on yours so you can connect in real time.


4. Write more than one line: This is a real hack rather than a built-in feature. Open up a new page in the Notes app in your phone, and hit the return button several times. Now hold your finger down, hit Select All and then copy.


Re-open Snapchat and on your snap, hit the text option. Now hold your finger down until paste appears. Voilà! Now you can have more than a single line of text on your image.


5. Change your BFF icons: Your Snapchat BFF is the person you snap the most, and over time, Snapchat honors that friendship with various emojis that appear next to their name. You can change these icons by going to your Home screen, then going to Settings > Manage Additional Services > Friend Emojis. From there, you can change up the emojis as you please.


6. Change cameras mid-snap: This trick is a feature Snapchat added later, but one many don’t know about. You can now switch between your front-facing and rear cameras with a quick double tap of the screen. Easy peasy!


7. Make your own geofilters: Geofilters are cool because different ones are enabled depending on your location — and now you can create your own. You create one based on the social media company’s guidelines, then upload it as either a member of the community or as a business on the Snapchat desktop site’s submission page. You then indicate where you want your geofilter to show up on a map. Community geofilters are free to submit, whereas business ones must be purchased. It’s then up to Snapchat to decide what they want to select.


8. Use black and white for drawing: When you’re using the coloring feature in Snapchat, it might seem like you’re limited to the colors of the rainbow. But really, black and white are just hidden. You can access these colors by holding your finger down on the color palette and dragging it out to the upper or lower corners of your display. FYI, dragging your finger up will give you white, and dragging your finger down will give you black.


9. Save data usage with Travel Mode: Placing your Snapchat into Travel Mode will help you save your mobile data by not automatically loading stories. You can pick and choose which Snaps, Stories and Discover you want to see by tapping on them manually to load.


10. Use two-step verification for login: If you’re going to be using Snapcash, you really should cover your bases by enabling two-step verification for your login. Turn this on by going into Home > Settings > Login Verification. You can download a recovery code, or use a previously downloaded authenticator app like Google Authenticator or SMS Verification. Bonus points for doing all of the above! Whatever you choose, this heightens the security on your account, so it’s always a good idea.

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