You got engaged this fall or over the holidays: hooray! After you’ve set the wedding date and created a Pinterest board (or 27) to help you plan the big day, you realize that you’re missing one important element of your winter engagement: engagement pictures. But in the dead of winter, as you listen to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for the thousandth time, how are you supposed to get the perfect photos? Thankfully, even when the weather is frightful, snow can make for a gorgeous photo backdrop. Whether you’re opting for a cozy engagement shoot or simply want to show off the beautiful nature where you live, these snowscape winter engagement photo ideas are exactly the inspiration you need.


1. Goofing Off: Show off your unique style by finding a perfect little clearing in the forest, and then have your photographer shoot some casual action shots. Whether you’re giggling with your love or sharing a silly glance, these photos will showcase your love. (Photo via India Earl / The Knot)


2. City Snowstorm: If you live in a city, take advantage of the contrast between the concrete jungle and a snowy day for some truly breathtaking photos. Snuggle up as the snow falls, and you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime. (Photo via KT Merry)


3. Bridge Beauty: A natural wooden bridge can create a cozy ambiance in the middle of a snow-filled forest. Try a few different poses, from kissing under the bridge to leaning against the side with a full view of what’s below. (Photo via Salt & Pine Photo)


4. Show Pet Love: If you’re a big animal lover like this couple, take a cue from them and include your pet family in your engagement photos. Show off your farm animals, your dog and even hold your kitty for the ideal family image. (Photo via Tracey Buyce Photography)

i-H3smrXZ-X3 (1)

5. Find a Building: Whether it’s a wooden cabin or a brick structure in a park, photos by a homey building will create an intimate look into your future life together. Bonus points if it’s in a place where you like to spend time like the beach or in a park. (Photo via Amy Ann Photography)


6. Ice Skating Kiss: Find a (safe) ice skating rink, outside or man-made, and you can pose for several different photos as you and your love spin on the ice. Lean in for a kiss for that special final shot. (Photo via Jamison Elizabeth Photography)


7. Intimate Close-Up: Showing off gorgeous backdrops of natural beauty is great, but don’t forget to get some of those really intimate shots. Stand in a space where the winter backdrop is still visible but the focus is still absolutely all on you two. (Photo via Kevin Chuey Photography)


8. Snowball Fight: Get into the kid spirit and have a good old fashioned snowball fight! There will be plenty of opportunities for action shots as you run around in the snow. Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll get all sweaty and your coat will be wet from melted snowballs. (Photo via Maggie Harkov Photography)


9. Hot Cocoa Outside: Hot cocoa in the winter is an absolute must, and a photo you should definitely duplicate during your engagement shoot. Try clinking your glasses as you warm up, just like above, or pose at an outdoor fire pit for the ultimate heartwarming shot. (Photo via Taylor Clark Photography)


10. Christmas Tree Scene: Christmas trees stay green all winter, and they’re the perfect backdrop for your seasonal photos. Try taking a couple photos with a holiday message and you can use them for your yearly Christmas cards too. (Photo via 2 ee’s Photography / Apple Brides)


11. Love on the Lake: A frozen lake is a lovely place for a photo, just make sure that it’s completely safe to walk on the ice before venturing out. Draw a heart with a shovel (no wet gloves here!) and get ready for the sweetest picture ever. (Photo via Classy Girls Wear Pearls)

MN Bride Submission_MelOho03

12. Sleigh Ride: Sleigh rides are a favorite activity during the cold winter months, and you can incorporate them into your photos in several different ways. Try pulling presents for a holiday-themed photo, or sit on a sleigh together as you cuddle up and share a kiss. (Photo via Melissa Oholendt / Minnesota Bride)

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13. Puppy Love: Incorporate your pup into your engagement photos, and take it a step further by planning out those save-the-date pictures. You can dress up Fido with a sign that shows off when you’re planning to tie the knot or hold the sign yourselves as you give your pooch a big smooch. (Photo via Meaghan Elliot Photography / Artfully Wed)


14. Mountain Backdrop: If you’re lucky enough to live in a city with a naturally beautiful backdrop (or are close enough that you can get yourself there), embrace it. Use a mountainscape for for the ideal winter photo shoot. (Photo via Distinctive Mountain Events)

winterportraits (1)

15. By the Sea: Living on the coast means you can incorporate some of that natural beauty into your engagement photos. Head to an area that has a lot of natural rocks for some truly spectacular and varied shots. (Photo via Kristen Borelli Photography)


16. Snow Angels: Here’s a classic throwback to your childhood that’s a little bit cute and a whole lotta fun. Find an open spot in a forest or park and then proceed to make snow angels. Have your photographer shoot from far away to get a sense of the scene, but save this one for last in case your coat ends up soggy. (Photo via Making the Moment)

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