It seems like everyone is sharing all their random thoughts and special moments on Facebook Live. So now that your baby’s due date is quickly approaching, everyone’s asking you if you’ll go live with the birth. Well, you are all about social media. You tweeted out your pregnancy announcement and have been posting bump-watch pregnancy pics on Insta every week. But before you turn your social sharing up a notch on your delivery day, check out the reasons why you may want to keep your baby’s birth offline.

Mother kissing newborn baby in hospital

1. Privates are private. Your S.O. claims they have the ultimate spot to film the birth without catching your hoo-haa full on. But then the nurse gets in the way and your delivery director steps into the just-wrong space. And, all of you is live. Whoa! Aunt Edith and your cousin Ronnie certainly didn’t need to actually see your baby crowning.

2. Birth is intimate. This is your baby’s birth, and it’s a totally intimate moment. There’s a reason why you don’t have your MIL, her BFF, and all of your co-workers in the room with you when you give birth. Live-streaming your birth (or even posting a video of it after the fact) is essentially inviting everyone who watches it into your special moment. Save something for yourself, and keep this once in a lifetime moment private.

3.It will never go away. So, you decide that you maybe shouldn’t have put your birth video online. That is, after you’ve already shared and have gotten several views and likes. You hit delete and poof — it’s gone from the internet. Well, maybe not. Just because you delete something from your social media page doesn’t mean that it’s really, truly gone from the digital archives. If someone shared or downloaded it, your birth video may hang around.

Black couple in hospital looking at newborn baby

4. You’re having another human being, who will someday grow up. Think about how you’d feel if your mama had broadcast your birth. There you are on video, naked, and covered in goo. That’s not a sight that you’d want your friends, acquaintances, or potential dates seeing. Even though you’re having a baby, someday she’ll be a teenager, and eventually she’ll be an adult. Before going live with her birth, consider how the older version of your soon-to-be-newborn will feel about her starring role.

5. It’s maybe not your best moment. You’ve decided to go natural — or not. Either way, having a baby puts you in some serious pain. You haven’t slept for a day, the doc won’t let you eat anything (those ice chips just aren’t cutting it), and the contractions are keeping you in an on-again off-again state of crazy. Just as another big one hits, you grab your baby-daddy and scream, “You did this to me! I’m never having sex with you again!” Hmm, your dad just watched that on the video version.

6. There are more important things to do. You need a hand to hold and where is your honey, your partner, the love of your life? Yep, your S.O. is on the other side of the room trying to get the just-right angle. You’re having a baby, not making an instructional how-to video. Obviously you want to memorialize this incredibly special event. But that doesn’t mean you have to go live with video for the whole delivery. Maybe taking a couple of quick pics is more the way to go here.

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