You know those people who are total evangelists for things they love? Well, I was not one of those people — until I became a mom. Parenting is hard and babies are unpredictable, so when something works surprisingly well, I now want to shout about it from the rooftops. Case in point? The Solly Baby Wrap ($65-$85).

When I registered for this trendy wrap way back in January, I wasn’t sure if I would actually use it. It seemed like one of those products that looks really good on Instagram but doesn’t actually work for everyday use. In reality though, it’s totally legit, and has worked for every stage of my daughter Anokhi’s babyhood thus far (eight months this week!), for different reasons along the way. Scroll on for the nine things that make this baby wrap a new mama must-have.

1. You can wear it while sitting or standing. This wrap is made solely of fabric, with no bulky padded sections or buckles, so you can go from sitting to standing without weird things digging into your midsection.

2. It’s comfortable to wear after a c-section. One of about a dozen things I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that my c-section scar is almost exactly where the hip belt of a typical baby carrier would go… not very comfy when you’re still healing. This carrier wraps around your waist, so you can avoid that whole area altogether. Plus, the cotton material is so soft that if you do need to wrap it lower around your hips for some reason, it won’t cause nearly as much discomfort.

3. You can nurse in it while walking around in public. When I saw this as a feature ahead of time, I thought it was too good to be true. That is until I was wearing Anokhi in the airport and she started crying, and I popped my boob into her mouth without anyone even noticing! Being able to walk around anywhere while discreetly feeding your baby is some next-level stuff. However, this only worked for me when Anokhi was under three months or so — ah, how I miss those days.

4. It’s easy to multi-task in. Wrap up the babe, take the dog for a walk, go grocery shopping, come home, reply to emails, chop some vegetables, and stare at Instagram for 45 minutes without skipping a beat.

5. It works like magic for those pesky newborn naps. When Anokhi was a newborn, she would NOT sleep during the day unless nestled in a wrap or on a walk in the stroller. It was exhausting to do so much walking, but it gave me peace of mind to know I had a foolproof way to make sure my baby girl got enough daytime sleep.

6. You can keep them close for kissing. When they’re a little bigger, it’s fun to be able to wear them close so you can kiss ‘em on the head. At this stage, Anokhi LOVES to look around at everything. We often use the ErgoBaby Carrier so that she can face out, but I love snuggling her close in the Solly as well. If she’s on the fussy side, the Solly makes it easy to comfort her and hold her tight while still having a free hand.

7. It folds up ridiculously small. The small size means you can keep a backup in your purse, diaper bag, or stroller. This baby wrap is a travel essential. Even if it’s not your main carrier of choice, it’s a great standby for unpredictable situations that are sure to arise.

8. It’s a cinch to wash. Since it’s essentially made out of the same material as a super soft t-shirt, it’s easy to wash and dries quickly. Major win.

9. Let’s be real; this wrap is pretty chic. You can find one (or a few) that go with your personal style, which might not seem important now but will be when you realize how often you end up wearing your babe. You still want to look like you, even with a baby on board.

And just like that, an evangelist is born. I’m also a big fan of the classic ErgoBaby Carrier for longer excursions, as it offers a bit more hip and shoulder support, but my husband and I rotate between the two depending on what kind of outing we’re going on. Head to Solly Baby Wrap to check out all the gorgeous new patterns and colors available this season, and gift one to any new mama in your life.

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(Photos via Brittany Griffin and Anjelika Temple)