Sophia Amoruso, founder of fashion giant Nasty Gal, hit the stage at Re:Make 2016 to show everyone what #girlboss defined looks like (she actually trademarked the term). Within three years, Nasty Gal grew 10,000% (yes, you read that number right), becoming one of the fastest growing retail companies ever. Since then, Sophia’s penned two books, has an upcoming TV series, and continues to slay. Every. Single. Day. Check out the 5 things we learned from her talk.

sophia amoruso

1. She believes in the power of storytelling. After writing her first book, Sophia realized that every woman has an interesting story. Most people focus on where people end up, but everyone has a start, and it’s sometimes easier to relate to a beginning than an end. She says it’s free to tell your story and free to inspire others — “Sharing stories makes people feel less alone.”

2. She’s a mezcal girl. When asked “wine or beer?”, Sophia said — without hesitation and to much applause — “Mezcal.” She said she lost 10 pounds when she stopped drinking wine (adding, “Divorce helps”).


3. Nasty Galaxy is a different type of book. Sophia’s first book, #GIRLBOSS, was about building her business from scratch but done in her signature unique way (she referred to it as your “gateway drug” into the business book section). Her second book, Nasty Galaxy, which hits stores next week, offers a whole different type of inspo. It’s a glimpse at Sophia’s, well, galaxy! It includes interviews, mini-essays, original photography, illustrations and a tour of her house (including her closet!).

4. She prefers analog over digital. Sophia likes books over podcasts and ebooks and vinyl over digital — adding that she’s a fan of physical things, things that last.

5. Charlize Theron is a fan. Charlize was Sophia’s first guest on her #Girlboss radio podcast, read Sophia’s book and is now executive producing her upcoming Netflix comedy series (also called #Girlboss and filmed in San Francisco). You know, Charlize, the Oscar-winning actress. NBD.

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