Remember the good old days when you’d watch Saturday morning cartoons, flipping through the channels with your one remote to control everything? Things were simpler then, and it can sometimes feel like our new television technology can be too overwhelming. That’s how SPIN remote was born. It’s a simple TV controller that strips away all the unnecessary bells and whistles, returning simplicity to the TV-watching experience.

With so many remotes for all your tech (we’re talking speakers, TV, home theater, Wii, etc.) SPIN wanted to make the experience of controlling your devices more intuitive than just a plastic box with lots of buttons. And considering that the average home has three remotes lying around the living room, we think a little downsizing is definitely in order.

SPIN uses LED technology and a smart sensor to command devices with coverage over 360 degrees. It can connect to smart devices via Bluetooth and it’s got plenty of sensors to detect motion, rotation, touch and proximity.

The handy app lets you configure your SPIN to control the devices and actions you need most. Then all you have to do is pick it up, give it a spin and the power to control all your tech is in your hands.

SPIN is still raising money on Kickstarter, and interested folks can pledge €70 (about $100) for an early bird discounted SPIN of their own.

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