Whether you’ve recently found a brand-new apartment to call home (congrats!) or are just on a major redecorating kick, there’s always one giant obstacle that no amount of decorating know-how can overcome: The location of the cable plug. For decades, that little outlet has stubbornly dictated the flow of the entire room, calling dibs on walls that could look so good dotted with art but HAVE to be covered by a TV… and cords! Why are there so many cords? Finally, satellite TV company DISH is untethering your TV with its Wireless Joey system, a cord-free “cable box” that lets you position your TV on any wall and in any room.

What WILL you do with this newfound freedom? Maybe stop using your laptop as your 24-hour work/play/watch screen? Or even plug in on the porch to create the ultimate grill-n-chill time? It’s all possible with this brand-new device. As the adorable name suggests, Joey is the +1 of DISH’s HD DVR called the Hopper, and when connected over a dedicated Wi-Fi network, it gives you complete control over pausing, rewinding and recording live TV wherever you + your flat screen may roam.

DISH customers can add Wireless Joeys to their Hopper system for $7/month per device (plus a one-time $50 fee for the wireless access point. Kind of lame, but then again, you wouldn’t want your GoT marathon to be killed off as abruptly as your once-fave character because of a poor connection, would you? :( ). We’re definitely impressed that the TV powers that be were interested in reimagining one of their most staple products as a more user + home friendly concept. Because in a world where we can instantly access information and entertainment on the go, we should be able to have a similarly flexible experience when we step across the welcome mat.

What do you think about this innovation? Would you use these devices around your house if other cable and television companies followed suit? Tell us in the comments below.