Are you in a love / hate relationship with Starbucks? You love the drinks, but hate how much money you spend, not to mention all the time wasted in line? We feel you. These Starbucks ordering hacks, compiled from our own interviews of previous employees plus Starbucks fanatics on Quora, Reddit, and other websites, will save you minutes and many dollars over a lifetime.

1. DIY Iced Coffee.

“Order a hot coffee and a cup of ice. Pour the coffee in the cup and viola… you’ve got iced coffee! While this tactic dilutes your drink, it still saves you nearly 55 cents when you purchase a grande (savings vary per state).” — Gift Card Granny 

2. Skip the Ice Entirely.

“If you really want the most drink for your buck, get your iced drink without ice or ‘light ice.'” — Sean Cody, former Starbucks Barista

3. Order the Same Frappuccino Flavor As the PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU.

“If you’re in line behind a group of teenagers, chances are, they’re all ordering Frappuccinos, which take an annoyingly long amount of time to craft. Want to decrease your wait? Order the same Frappuccino [flavor] as them…” — Josh Whittington via Quora

 4. Don’t Add Water.

“Iced teas are double-strength in pitcher and watered down for your final recipe. Ask for ‘no water’ for a much stronger (and, in my opinion, more effective) flavor.” — Josh Whittington via Quora

5. BYOC: Bring Your Own Cup.

“Customers can save 10 cents on each drink order when bringing their own, personal cup. Travel mugs, tumblers, teacups, etc. will receive the deal. While small, this discount will add up over time.” — via Gift Card Granny

6. Order Against the Flow.

“If everyone in line is getting hot drinks, get a cold drink to decrease wait time. The corollary: If there are a lot of cold beverages to make, get a hot drink or coffee. There are plenty of really good drinks on both sides of the menu.” — Josh Whittington via Quora

7. Cut the Line with the app.

Download the Starbucks app to order and pay for your drink on your commute to work. When you arrive, go straight to the pick-up section to snag your drink. No wait necessary.

8. Being Nice pays off.

“My favorite drinks to give away are the ones to people that are SO HAPPY to be at Starbucks in the first place that they make my cold heart warm for a minute.” — bucksomBarista via Reddit

9. Sign up For Rewards (With All of Your E-mails).

“Sign up for Starbucks rewards for the free drink. Make a new email, sign up again. More free Starbucks.” — self.UnethicalLifeProTips via Reddit

10. Become a Regular.

“If you visit Starbucks often, try to visit the same place every time. Get to know the local crew by name. Eventually, they’ll know you, and more importantly, your drink. When working there, if there’s a line to the door of non-regulars, we’d still have your drink ready by the time you hit the cash register if we could manage it. That’s why you tip, too.” — Josh Whittington via Quora

11. Get that Second Teabag on the Side.

“Did you know that grande and venti hot teas come with two tea bags? Ask for the second bag on the side. You’ll receive it unopened and can save for a later use.” — via Gift Card Granny

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