Getting an embarrassing phone call in the middle of an important meeting. Having your best friend who you really want to talk to call you while you’re driving. These are a few of our not so favorite things, but now, there’s an app for eliminating these missed connections.


Status is an app that lets you share your status with friends and family. But the difference between Status and Twitter, Facebook or sending a simple text is that Status will update your current activity and alert your friends automatically.

Using your location and personal settings, you can create a schedule of statuses that will update in real-time based on where you are. That means friends can know when you’re driving (and know not to text you) or whether you’re in a meeting, sleeping, off the grid or unreachable.

You’ll even get alerts when someone who you’re waiting for becomes available. And on the Android version of the app, you can see your friend’s status right before you call, so you don’t try to reach them at an inappropriate time.

We’re already crafting what some of our status updates will be. When we hit the gym, we’ll blast: “Busy getting hotter, TTYL.” The movie theater could be something like “Buried in a bag of buttery popcorn, TTYL.” And when we stroll into the office, all of our pals will get an alert that “#girlboss is on the prowl. TTYL.”

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