Okay maybe not your whole digital life, but pretty darn close! Between email, Twitter, RSS Feeds, and even the weather, we are constantly checking up on every part of our lives via smartphones, computers, tablets, and more. But what if all of that information was available in one, well-designed place? Meet Status Board!

Developed by Panic, Status Board is an iPad app that arranges your life into a collection of well-organized panels. Right off that bat, you can set up your clock, weather, calendar, email, Twitter, and RSS feeds all into one screen. Think of it as iGoogle on steroids.

You can customize panels by size as well as change the layout as you see fit. If you want Twitter to look more like a stock ticker, squeeze it into the bottom of your screen and watch the updates roll in. If you have a specific site whose posts you want to see (ahem, Brit.co?!), you can even pull that in.

If you’re a pro, you can even plug in an HTML or CSV table and the app will turn it into a nice looking table. Pretty points!

We love being able to get a snapshot of what’s going on all in one place. It’s a great thing to keep displayed on your desk when you’re not using your iPad, and it won’t interfere with your carefully crafted workspace scene.

What are your favorite apps for keeping track of all of your data? Have you tried Status Board? Tell us what’s up in the comments below.