You block your ex’s digits after too many drunk dials, yet are completely powerless against the temptation of time-sucking sites during the work week. Take action with StayFocusd, a new Chrome browser extension that works to obliterate digital time-wasters from your world forever.


StayFocusd works by restricting your access to time-wasting sites after an allotted amount of time. Download it for free in the Chrome Web Store. Once installed in your browser, the StayFocusd interface allows you to designate the particular URLs to be blocked as well as the allowable days and times in which you would like to enjoy unrestricted access to these sites.


After the allotted time has expired, StayFocusd will automatically block the site in question, clear the website from your screen and not-so-subtly remind you that you should be working. You won’t be able to return to the time-wasting site until the timer has reset. Unless, of course, you break the rules and choose to manually override the settings. Stay strong! We know you can do it.


If this monk-like discipline proves to be too much, take heart: StayFocusd also offers a powerful Nuclear Option which allows you to not only block a designated URL for an allotted time period, but prevents you from canceling the option.


Which time-wasting sites do you love but wish you could zap away? Let us know in the comments below!

(Images via StayFocusd)