We’ve been into standing desks for a while now. Even more so since the Harvard Business Review called “sitting the smoking of our generation.” Yikes! But many of the standing desks out there aren’t feasible. It’s not realistic to stand all the time, and the adjustable ones we’ve seen can be pretty clunky. That was until we found out about Stir, the so-called “kinetic desk.”

The first thing we love about Stir? It’s easy to go quickly between sitting and standing positions. All you have to do is double tap the integrated screen in the desktop. No more cranks or levers to raise and lower your desktop. Plus, this desk is smart! It is both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, meaning it can connect with fitness apps to keep you healthy. The more you use it, the more it will learn about your habits, and remind you when you should take a stand, or when it’s okay to take a seat.

If you haven’t changed position in a while, the desk will gently move up and down one inch, they call it Whisperbreath, because it’s like the desk takes a deep breath, to “invite” you to stand up. Mildly creepy, yes, but we can definitely use the reminder to stand.

We’re also sold on all the little things about Stir, the custom colors, integrated chargers, and of course the fact that it’s big enough to execute a few DIY projects on. No word on pricing or when exactly Stir will be available, but you can get a full look at Stir in the intro video below.

Do you have a standing desk or would you try one? Tell us in the comments below!