No, not 30 minutes — 30 seconds. Seriously. And we thought we had some battery-saving skills.

An Israeli startup called StoreDot is working to make what sounds impossible, very very possible with biological semiconductors made from naturally occurring organic compounds. That sounds more science-y than it is — the charger is created from peptides aka the building blocks of proteins. Correct, you definitely made flashcards with their definition back in 8th grade science class.

Watch the video of their prototype charger in action on a Samsung Galaxy here:

Well, this would change everything for our dead battery woes. And if it can energize our phones in 30 seconds, we’re looking at tablets in a minute or two, maybe laptops in less than five. Stopping home to “recharge” could be a literal pitstop — though we would recommend putting one of these in every public location that already boasts a free WiFi connection.

As you saw in the video, the charger is more like the size of one you would use to juice up your computer than your phone. StoreDot says they’re working on making a smaller, more portable version and hope to start production on chargers for a variety of smartphones in 2016. Their product is expected to sell around $30 — maybe more than you’re used to coughing up, but you’re looking at a full charge in a tiny fraction of the time. Think about all the times that would have been priceless.

The same biological semiconductors at work in this charger could revolutionize memory, display and image sensors in our future devices, too. This may be the first you hear of StoreDot, but hopefully it won’t be the last.

What’s your battery-saving secret? Dish below!

(h/t: WSJ)