This Is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Tame Flyaway Hair
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This Is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Tame Flyaway Hair

Week eight of my man bun growing journey is here and this week it’s all about taming the flyaways with an essential hair accessory. Who wants to walk around all day with unwanted loose hair messing up your hairstyle game? I know I don’t.

After two months of taking ever-increasing care of my hair I’m starting to feel like a pro, or at least exponentially more in the know about proper grooming and styling tactics when it comes to the locks on my head. That’s why this week I’m putting down the products and getting creative by having fun with headbands as a styling and hair-wrangling device.

As my hair has grown over the past couple of months and I’ve been able to get a hair tie around most of it, I’ve noticed (and been frustrated by) the random flyaway strands of hair that aren’t long enough to hang tight. That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head to use a headband to corral those randos to keep my hair looking fly and styled all at once. Bonus: It’s budget-friendly and easy.

Since I’ve started throwing a headband over my forehead to make my man bun style look cleaner I’ve noticed I’ve gotten plenty of compliments about how I’m making my growing man bun game work. Plus, I feel like the multi-colored hair accessories have allowed me to mix and match with my outfits, bringing a subtle and fun pop of color and personality to my everyday attire.

And with that insight into my headband habits I leave you with a request: Shoot any tips, tricks, hacks or commentary my way in the comments or tweet us @britandco because I want your input about all things man bun (well, mine at least)! Also, if you’re a Real Housewives diehard fan like myself and recognize the quote on my shirt leading you to need it now feels, I got it (as well as a very cool Countess LuAnn shirt) from Society6. See ya next week, man bun lovers.

P.S. Check out this amazing watercolor painting from Sarah Walsh, co-creator of Tigersheep Friends, honoring all of the man buns she spotted at Re:Make 2015. Do you want it blown up and framed on your gallery wall? Because I do! (Photo via @sarahwalshmakesthings)

What are your thoughts about using headbands to tame my growing man bun? Do you have any other tips or hair accessories for taming flyaways? Let me know everything in the comments.