If you’ve always wanted to sharpen your gardening skills, but don’t have the space for a garden at your current place of residence, you’re in luck. Our newest online class instructor, Cherie Marquez of La Fleur Kitchen, is ready to educate you in the art of succulents. Sign up for our Succulent Gardening Class and you’ll learn how to make a 10-square-inch succulent garden that will add just the right amount of green to city apartments, bachelorette party table decor or your desk at work. Sign up here.

The 10-square-inch succulent garden you’ll make will give your home just the freshness and color it needs without taking up too much space.

You’ll get the artistic eye of a botanist and learn a new form of self-expression through living art, including a guided tour of:

  • Plant fundamentals
  • How to pick the right plants
  • How to set a focal point
  • How to create a nutrient-rich soil mixture
  • How to shape your garden

As you may already know, we like to partner with makers, designers and bloggers to share their tricks of the trade, and hopefully inspire your own creativity. We offer these online classes (calligraphy, screen printing and coding) right in our own B+C Shop for less than $20 a pop. You can view each class whenever you want, so they’re ideal for those of us with busy schedules.

Where would you love to add a little green space to your place? Chat with us in the comments section below.