The themes, the favors, the desserts. Oh, the joys of a summer baby shower. The weather’s warm and you can throw a fab fete outdoors for your bestie who’s about to pop. Of course, if the temp gets too out of hand, you can always throw a baby-to-be bash indoors. Before you start planning or creating, check out these seven summer baby shower DIYs you can take indoors or out. Even if you’re not a Pinterest pro, these projects are easy to do and will totally take your sunny get-together to the next level.

1. Cake Pops: Cake pops are super popular DIY treats. Those sugar-packed, frosting-covered treats are easy to make, and you can totally personalize them for any type of shower. Get outdoorsy with a summer garden shower theme and plant the pops in a rustic wooden box that’s filled with greenery. (via Infiniti Sweets/Catch My Party)

2. Tissue Paper Flowers: Yeah, you’ve got plenty of the real flowers everywhere in your backyard, but it’s way too warm to enjoy a garden party. Bring the summer blooms indoors with crafty tissue paper flowers. Hang them from the ceiling, adorn a buffet table with them, or stack them as centerpieces. (via I Heart Naptime)

3. Mocktails: The guest of honor can’t down mimosas, so quench her thirst (and everyone else’s) with a fruity summer mocktail. A splash of juice, a hint of seltzer, and some fresh fruit all mixed together will create the perfect warm-weather baby shower beverage. (via Project Nursery)

4. Rock Photo Holders: Your guests are taking a ton of pics at your summer soiree. They’ve all uploaded them to Instagram and Facebook already, but some may want to print them as keepsakes. Send everyone home with hand-painted rock photo frames. (via One Little Project at a Time)

5. Melted Ice Cream Cupcakes: The sweltering heat is melting absolutely everything. Don’t disappoint the shower guests with melty ice cream that’s dripping down their hand-dipped cones. Fake them out with party treats that look like hot, drippy cones but are really cute cupcakes. (via Aww Sam)

6. Baby Shower Bar: Those mocktails you’re blending up won’t serve themselves. Of course, you don’t want to spend the whole shower mixing, pouring, and handing out non-alcoholic drinks. Find a quiet corner and set up a mini bar. Stock it with glass containers filled with your fruit-flavored mocktails, and when guests need an ice-cold beverage, they can pour their own. (via The Girl Inspired)

7. Happy Campers Diaper Cake: Ah, the diaper cake. You can’t have a baby shower without one. Host a happy camper-themed shower, and DIY a rustic diaper cake that features faux butterflies and real pinecones. (via I Always Go Overboard/Catch My Party)

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(Featured photo via Aww Sam)