Outdoor adventures, picnic parties and total freedom to wear blue and white stripes every day? Sounds like summer to us! And we’re pumped to be ushering it in with a whole bunch of new goodies in the B+C Shop. From staying hydrated to staying inspired, here are our latest picks for a summer of fun, creativity and… beer ;)

1. Baberaham Lincoln Knit Beverage Insulator ($10): The 4th of July is sooner than you think! And you obviously need a sweater for your bottle of Bud.

2. Mantis Chair ($120): We’ve featured this little chair before, and we’ll feature it again — it’s just that convenient! Fold it up and take it on all your summer adventures.

3. Patterned Paper Straws ($12): What’s a party without party straws? This can also be used to make patriotic party decor like our hanging planters or geometric mobiles.

4. Seafan Jacquard Beach Towel ($78): A good beach towel is a must. It’ll keep you dry, keep you warm and is the perfect canvas for flaunting your favorite new bikini.

5. MONOCLE Speakerphone ($40): At first glance, this looks like your typical portable speaker. But it’s way cooler than that. Arm your group of friend with a bunch of these and you can daisy chain them together to create a surround sound dance party anywhere you go.

6. Inkodye Sunfold Printing Kit ($35): Inkodye is pretty much our jam. I mean, what’s cooler than using SUNLIGHT to dye fabric? Nothing! Okay, some things… but still ;)

7. Spectrum Notebook ($24): Make sure to record all your summer adventures and DIY projects (both the failures and successes, of course) in a notebook. You’ll thank yourself later.

8. 3D Printed Sun Bottle Opener ($72): Is it weird that I want to wear this bottle opener almost as much as I want to use it?

9. Boy BKR Bottle ($30): And finally, you’ve gotta stay hydrated! If you’re partying in the sun, make sure to match every cocktail or beer with a full glass of water… and your morning will be a little less foggy.

What’s in your summer adventure kit? Anything we should add to our shop? Talk to us in the comments below.