From coast to coast, festivals聽bring聽the spirit of summer to life through live music, fab聽fashion and memorable road trips (essentially all of our favorite things). With the tagline 鈥渨orld鈥檚 largest music festival,鈥 Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI 鈥 which just wrapped up this past weekend 鈥 brings all of our festival goals to life, with a dose of Midwest charm of course. The lineup this year varied from legends to newcomers, but we always carry a special place in our heart for the fried and savory goodness that only Wisconsin can bring to life. Since we couldn鈥檛聽bring the live music to our backyards this year, we figured we鈥檇聽bring a聽taste of the Midwest to your screens and hopefully your kitchen. Check out the 10 Summerfest-inspired recipes below.

fried cheese curds

1. Fried Cheese Curds: If you go to Wisconsin and leave without trying cheese curds, you鈥檙e doing it wrong. Luckily, you can bring their signature dish to your kitchen with just four ingredients. (via Dine & Dish)


2. Buffalo and Chicken Waffle Cone: Who has time for silverware at festivals? Keep that spirit alive at your next outdoor BBQ with this tasty spin on chicken and waffles. (via The Chew)

hot dog

3. BBQ Potato Chip Crunch Dog: Festivals are all about bringing the flavors you love together in one delicious bite. The only question: Why wouldn鈥檛 we use potato chips as a hot dog topping all of the time? (via Better Homes & Gardens)


4. Jameson Whiskey Blue Cheese Burger With Guinness Cheese Sauce and Crispy Onions: If you couldn鈥檛 even get through reading that because your mouth was already watering too much, we鈥檙e right there with you. (via Half Baked Harvest)

onion rings

5. PBR Onion Rings: Since PBR was born in Milwaukee, this list聽wouldn鈥檛 be complete if we didn鈥檛 pay homage to the beloved drink of hipsters everywhere. (via Field House Kitchen)

blue moon

6. Blue Moon Ice Cream: If you grew up in the Midwest, this ice cream is as synonymous with childhood as Nickelodeon. (via

mac and cheese

7. Beer Mac and Cheese: Two of Wisconsin鈥檚 specialties in one cute little dish? Sign us up for seconds. (via A Spicy Perspective)

turkey pop

8. Caveman Pops (aka Roasted Turkey Legs): Summer is not complete until you bite into a roasted turkey leg. (via The Pioneer Woman)

shaved ice

9. Hawaiian Shaved Ice With Mango and Coconut Milk: Now here鈥檚 a refreshing spin on the flavored ices that immediately put us in the festival mood. (via Jeanette鈥檚 Healthy Living)


10. Blue Moon Ice Cream Push Pops: We love putting a grown-up spin on classic childhood treats. And what better way to do that than with an ice-cold beer? (via Brit + Co)

What are your favorite festival foods? Tell us in the comments!